2011 Presentations

Jay Alan Crisis Communications & Stuff

Chris Battle Crisis Communication – The Social Impact

Jay Bernhardt – Social Media in Public Health Crises and Disasters

Ann Cline – Airtran Emergency Response

Steve Collins – risk Perception and Hurricane Preparedness

Timothy Coombs – Crisis Communication in Turbulent Times

Michael Doble – Crisis Preparedness in Large Organizations

Marc Ladin – Social Media Considerations for Crisis Communication

Cynthia Martinez – Social Media & Emergency Incident Notification

Michael Griffin – Walt Disney

O.C. and Linda Ferrell – The Role of Social Media for Reputation/Brand Image Ethics Crises

Michael Palenchar – Crisis Communication and Unique Stakeholders

Steve Radick – Build Your Community Before You Need Them So They’re There When You Do

Michael Robinson – International Crisis & Risk Communication

Frederico Subervi – An Achilles Heel in Emergency Communications


The information shared at the ICRC Conference will be provided for educational purposes only. Because information at the conference will come from many different sources, the information provided at the ICRC Conference does not represent official positions or views of Homeland Security Outlook (HSO), University of Central Florida (UCF), or the conference sponsors. HSO, UCF and it’s sponsors disclaim any responsibility for the content or views expressed during the ICRC conference of any third party.

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